iMICE G-1600 Plus 2.4Ghz 1600 DPI Ergonomic Noiseless USB Mute Wireless Mouse

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  • Interface Type:USB
  • Hand Orientation:Right
  • Style:3D
  • Power Type:Battery
  • Number of Rollers:1
  • DPI:1600
  • Type:2.4Ghz Wireless
  • Operation Mode:Opto-electronic
  • Gross Weight:65g
  • Number of Buttons:4
  • Brand Name:iMice
  • Size:65*115*33 mm
  • Receiver:USB 2.0
  • Feature 2:Silent Mouse, Noiseless Mouse, Mute Mouse
  • Support System:Windows / Mac
  • Battery:1*AA ( Not including )
1. Silent design: Left and right click are both silent, noiseless. To provide you with a quiet and comfortable environment, especially suitable for bedroom, library, office work.
2. Wireless design: Easy to carry and save space.
3. Mute surface: Stylish, high-end, low-cost, very cost-effective.

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