Ostrich Feather Table Lamp Wrought Iron Night Light LED Copper Wire Lamp(Violet)


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1. Material: natural ostrich feather, lamp beads, waterproof enameled copper wire
2. Power supply: 3 x AA batteries (not included) or DC-in, remote control (2023 button battery)
3. Applicable places: can be used in restaurants, bedrooms, showcases, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.
4. Stainless steel base, using baking paint process, more texture
5. Increase the DC socket, dual power supply is suitable for more scenes
6. Wireless remote control, adjustable light brightness and flashing mode
7. The feather surface does not carry static electricity, does not absorb dust, and can be cleaned with one bomb
8. The copper wire can be bent freely, the small lamp beads have high brightness, energy saving and power saving, and long life
9. The electroplating process is rose gold, wear-resistant, smooth, and corrosion-resistant
10. Weight: about 390 grams
11. Dimensions: L40cm x W40cm x H50 cm

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