3 PCS Shaker Cup PC Oz Cup Shaker With Scale Shaker Shaker Milk Teapot Juice Jug, Size:1000ml, Style:Black Double Scale

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1. Material: PC resin
2. Capacity: 350ml, 530ml, 700ml, 1000ml
3. Style: ordinary model, new double scale
4. Use: It can be used to prepare red wine, beverage, juice and other liquid beverages
5. Dimensions (caliber x bottom diameter x height): ordinary models: 3.8x5.7x17 cm, 3.8x6x19 cm, 3.8x5.6x22 cm, 3.9x6x28.5 cm; dual scale models: 4.2x5.5x17 cm, 4.2x6x19 cm , 4.2x6x22 cm, 4.2x6x28 cm
6. Weight: ordinary models: 60g, 75g, 90g, 120g; dual scale models: 63g, 78g, 95g, 125g

1. The pot has scales, anti-freezing and anti-scalding, transparent and intuitive;
2. The material is resistant to high temperature 130°C and low temperature resistance-40°C;
3. Not easy to break, not easy to scratch, high transparency and strong refraction.

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