5 PCS Cartoon Pattern Retro Ceramic Cup Enamel Milk Cups Mugs Coffee Cup Lovely Gifts, Capacity:250ml(Blue)

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1. It has a thick handle, delicate production, modern design, suitable for a variety of beverages.
2. Easy to clean, smooth glaze, large diameter design, more hygienic.
3. Unglazed non-slip, touch the bottom and the table is unglazed, more effective non-slip.

Product Specifications:
1. Cup material: high quality ceramic
2. Color: 8 colors (red, brown, blue, green, beige, pink, sky blue)
3. Capacity: water 250ml / 350ml / 150ml
4. Cup size:
Large: cup height 8cm, caliber 9.5cm, capacity: 350ml, weight: 0.35kg / Pc
Medium: cup height 7cm, caliber 8.5cm, capacity: 250ml, weight: 0.25kg / Pc
Small: cup height 6cm, caliber 7.5cm, capacity: 150cm, weight: 0.25 / Pc
5. Applicable: office, family, travel, friends gathering

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