Bedside Alarm Clock Sound Control Mirror LED Music Clock (White)

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1. Name: Rechargeable LED Music Clock
2. Product model: LD8808
3. Product specifications: 145x65x32mm
4. Packaging specifications: 7.3x4.1x17.5cm
5. Single weight: 164g (excluding single packaging)
6. Packing: leather box
7. Accessories: USB power cable, manual
8. Material: ABS

Product Features:
1. LED display.
2. Memory function, no need to reset after shutdown.
3. Celsius / Fahrenheit switching.
4. 24 hours / 12 hours conversion.
5. The three-segment display brightness changes automatically, and the display brightness can also be adjusted manually.
6. Two different alarms can be set in one day, and the duration of a single alarm is 2 minutes.
7. Thirteen soothing music can be selected as the alarm.
8. Shu Mian music appreciation, the music can choose to play continuously for 5 minutes.
9. Alarm volume can be adjusted.
10. Voice-controlled energy-saving mode, it will enter the energy-saving mode without plugging in, and the screen will go out automatically after 10 seconds in a silent environment.
11. Touch the snooze function for 5 minutes.
12. Mirror design.

1. Without power adapter, it is recommended to use 5V, 1A power adapter.
2. This alarm clock has a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be used with or without power.

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