Cellphone UV Sterilization Mask Cleaner Personal Disinfection Box

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1. UV disinfection box, efficient and rapid sterilization in 4 minutes, sterilization rate can reach more than 99%.
2. One-button UV sterilization, disinfection of required items: jewelry, car keys, masks and other items, electronic items such as mobile phones, mice, remote controls, toothbrushes, cosmetic brushes and other personal toiletries.
3. Built-in USB charging port, can charge phones when the phone is disinfected.
4. Aromatherapy function can remove rare smell

1. Item Type: UV Sterilizer
2. Material: ABS+PC
3. Maximum Capacity: 6.6 inch mobile phone
4. Voltage: DC5V
5. Input Current: 2A
6. Aromatherapy Power: 2W
7. Maximum power: 9W
8. UV wavelength: 275nm
9. Product Size:23x13x5.2cm, inner: 18x10x2.2cm

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