Combinatorial Alarm Clock Practical Digital Hanging Dual-purpose LED Clock, EU Plug(White)

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1. Product model: VST-805S
2. Product specifications: 31.5x4.5x9.8cm
3. Product gross weight: 473g
4. Appearance: rectangular
5. Display type: LED
6. Special functions: luminous, alarm, thermometer
7. Housing material: plastic

1. 1.8-inch LED display on the same screen: hours, minutes, temperature and humidity, can be switched in 12 / 24-hour format
2. Alarm function: three alarms can be set
3. Temperature can be displayed Celsius / Fahrenheit
4. Temperature measurement, measurement range: Celsius (-9 Celsius to 70 Celsius); Fahrenheit (15 Fahrenheit to 99 Fahrenheit)
5. Temperature display resolution: 1 Celsius, temperature accuracy: 1.0 Celsius
6. Humidity detection: The measurement range is 10% - 99%; the humidity resolution is 1%, the self-test range is out of range, and it is displayed as "HH%".
7. Power supply: The AC power supply is usually the European standard, and you can choose the remarks: American standard. (AAAx2 battery is a memory function, self-provided)

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