Creative Cat Shape Children Environmental Protection Silicone Wooden Silent LED Electronic Alarm Clock, Style:Ordinary(Blue Light + Pink)

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1. Shell material: wood + silicone
2. Appearance: round
3. Display type: LED
4. Display type: number
5. Special functions: luminous, alarm, perpetual calendar, decoration, month display, thermometer, calendar, 24-hour indication
6. With voice control function
7. 12/24 hour system
8. Alarm: three groups of alarms. the alarm time is 1 minute. the sound is: di di di
9. Can set weekend alarms not to sound; brightness can be adjusted automatically according to time period
10. Power supply: DC 6V / 500MA and 3xAAA battery power supply, built-in power supply, can maintain normal travel time in case of power failure
11. Applicable places: study, public place, office, bedroom, living room, kitchen

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