DC Intelligent Diaphragm Pump Anti-epidemic Disinfection Automatic Spraying Spray High-pressure Pump Thread on Both Sides Positive Pump

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1. High torque and high performance
2. High pressure, low current
3. Long life and no leakage
4. Low noise and anti-corrosion
5. Allow dry running, gap work.
1. Voltage: 12V/18V/24V/48V
2. The flow rate is 6-7 liters per minute, the flow rate can be adjusted from 0.1 to 6.5 liters per minute according to demand
3. The protection pressure of the water outlet is 1.2MPA, and the pressure can be adjusted according to different needs.
4. Water inlet and outlet joints 10mm outer screw joints.
5. Working mode: intermittent work (different working pressure can work continuously for different time)
Main uses: electric sprayers, washing machines, heaters, drinking fountains, medical equipment, and other supporting equipment that requires pressurization

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