Disinfected Water Generator Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Portable Electrolytic Disinfection Generator(Transparent White English version)

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1. Material: PC
2. Capacity: 350ml
3. Control method: mechanical
4. Rated voltage: 5 (V)
5. Rated power: 5 (W)
6. Rated frequency: 10 (HZ)
7. Working time: 5~10 minutes
10. Style: transparent white English version
11. Size: 9.3x23.8 cm
12. Weight: 0.18 kg
13. How to use: Add water and salt to the pot, press the button to start, and evenly spray the surface of the item to be disinfected after eight minutes, and finally wipe it clean with a rag

1. PC bottle body for food contact
2.360° spray gun head, lightly press to release water
3. USB waterproof charging port, can be used with confidence

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