DIY Recordable Alarm Night Light Cute Thing Remote Control Color Changing Silicone Mood Alarm Clock(Blue)

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1. Weight: 450 g
2. Power: 1.8 w
3. Voltage: 5 v
4. Dimensions: 13.2 x 15.8 cm
5. Material: ABS+silicone+glass+electronic components
6. Features: soft light, healthy wake up, soft silicone, DIY recording, colorful lights
7. Power supply method: USB charging
8. Battery capacity: 1200 mah lithium battery
9. Product details:
1. Simple operation: independent buttons, both night light and alarm clock, 2-in-1 product
2. DIY recording: adjust the alarm clock and confess on time
3. Remote control: effective distance 2 meters

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