Fawn Style 3 in 1 Nano Spray Hydration Instrument Mini Handheld Facial Moisture Meter Humidifier Automatic Alcohol Sprayer, Fan / Flashlight(Pink)

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1. Weight: 136g
2. Dimensions: 40x36x155 mm
3. Material: ABS
4. Specifications: battery capacity 1200mAh/3.7V, charging input 5V/1A, flashlight brightness 50-60lm, water tank capacity 20ml, charging time about 2-3 hours, working time about 12 hours
5. Features: unique shape, beautiful and practical, atomized particles, delicate and moist, small and portable, flashlight with fan function, adjustable three-speed wind speed, versatile uses
6. Can add liquid: milk, mineral water, 10% toner, alcohol and other non-oily viscous liquid

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