Intelligent Sterilization Disinfection Machine Ozone Ultraviolet Sterilizer Multifunctional Mosquito Killer Mini Home Desktop Air Purifier

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1. Rated voltage: 12V
2. Rated power: 11W
3. Wavelength of germicidal lamp: 254nm
4. Wavelength of mosquito lamp: 365nm
5. Scope of use: 80-100 square meters
6. Product size: 133X133X245mm
7. The charging cable is 1.4 meters long
8. Anti-mosquito mode: Llght wave + temperature bionic mosquito trap + carbon dioxide
9. Sterilization mode: Ultraviolet ozone disinfection
10. Purification mode: Photocatalyst purification filtration
11. The three-in-one purifier is different from ordinary purifiers. It not only has purification, but also can sterilize and attract mosquitoes!

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