Mini Portable UV Underwear Sterilizer Machine One-Key UV Ozone Disinfection Box (Pink)

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1. Built-in UV germicidal lamp, the light intensity is more than 20 times that of sunlight, which can effectively kill bacteria.
2. The sterilization box is compatible with most size underwear, clothes, headwear, scarves and so on.
3. It has ozone sterilization function, strong oxidizing power, strong penetrating power and thorough sterilization.
4. Sanitize your cell phone or other small items at home, office, traveling or car.
5. There is a national laboratory microbiology testing center sterilization test report, the sterilization rate of more than 99%, truly achieve a sterile ecological life, let you rest assured that you feel comfortable.
6. Automatic appointment sterilization duration is 10 minutes.
7. Rated power: 5W
8. Material: ABS
9. Size: 25x16cm

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