MOMAX QU3 UVC Handheld Sterilizer Germicidal Lamp UVC Deep Ultraviolet Disinfection Stick Pen (Black)


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1. Sweep a thousand bacteria
-UV-C-Deep UV disinfection pen
2. Six advantages: Deep ultraviolet science to kill bacteria, 99.9% efficient sterilization, rapid disinfection in 10 seconds, 3-LED lamp bead irradiation without dead angle, 4 hours of long-term sterilization, pocket size and portable
3.UV-C deep ultraviolet, safe and thorough scientific sterilization.
-LED lamp beads emit UV-C short wave 253.7nm ultraviolet ray, pure physical sterilization, high efficiency, fast and thorough, no drug resistance, no secondary pollution.
4. Ultraviolet disinfection to prevent efficient virus sterilization.
-Emit ultraviolet rays to irradiate bacteria and viruses, destroy the DNA or RNA molecular structure of bacteria and viruses, cause DNA strand breaks, cross-linking and breakage of nucleic acids and proteins, cause the death of bacteria, and achieve sterilization and disinfection effects.
5. High efficiency sterilization, kill 99.9% bacteria in 10 seconds.
-Keep a distance of 3-5 cm with the required disinfection items, and then shoot directly for 10 seconds or 5 shots at a constant speed to kill the bacteria instantly.
(* The data comes from MOMAX laboratory test, for reference only)
6. Carry it with you and take care of it when you go out.
-Pocket pen type, carry a pocket with you, go out or go on a business trip, do not let go of any spreading objects, scan before contact, prevent for health first.
7. 3-LED lamp beads, multi-dimensional irradiation without leaving a dead end.
-3-LED ultraviolet lamp bead system, which can be deep and wide, sterilization in all directions without leaving dead corners, lamp bead life up to 10000 hours, long-term safety.
8. Charge for 40 minutes and continue to sterilize for 4 hours.
-Built-in 800mAh battery, after 40 minutes of full charge, the ultraviolet LED can continuously illuminate for 4 hours, which can meet the needs of a day of epidemic prevention.
(* The data comes from the MOMAX laboratory test, for reference only, the continuous use of UVC lamp beads will generate heat, it is recommended that a single continuous use should not exceed 6 minutes)
9. Quartz glass, heat-resistant without fear of radiation
-The LED lamp is protected by quartz glass used in the spacecraft, which has high heat resistance and high spectral projection, and will not be damaged by ultraviolet rays.
10. Lightly press to start, turn off automatically
-Press twice to start, then long press to turn off, when the ultraviolet LED is facing upward, the device will automatically shut down to avoid irradiating the human body.
11. Glass panel USB-C charging interface
-The tempered glass touch panel is smooth and easy to clean. The USB-C port at the bottom flashes red when charging, and turns green when fully charged.

1. Brand: MOMAX
2. Model: QU3
3. Name: Deep UV disinfection pen
4. Output power: 15-18mW
5. Battery capacity: 800mAh
6. Disinfection time: 10-30 seconds
7. Charging time: 40 minutes
8. Life time: 4 hours
9. LED life: 10000 hours
10. Effective distance: 3-5 cm
11. Material: ABS + tempered glass + quartz glass
12. Dimensions: 128x31x10.3mm
13. Weight: 60g

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