Multifunctional LED Wall Clock Creative Digital Clock US Plug, Style:Hollow Remote Control(White Font)

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1. Weight: 1,200 grams for the hollow model and 1,700 grams for the sealed box model
2. Dimensions: Hollow section 66.5×15×1.5 cm, sealed box section 69.5×16×2 cm
3. Material: ABS, PVC, LED chip
4. Specifications: output voltage 6V DC, input voltage 100-240V, output current 1A, 4 digits display 4 digits hours and minutes, 6 digits display 6 digits, hours minutes and seconds
5. Functions: time, date, temperature, 16 groups of alarm clocks, countdown, countdown, auto-sensitivity, remote control of 20 meters (2 7th batteries need to be purchased by yourself)
6. Features: beautiful and practical, durable, moisture-proof and ventilated, large and bright fonts, energy saving and environmental protection, power-off memory function, various uses
7. Suitable places: living room, school, hotel, conference hall, gym, company, etc

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