NB F350 Aluminum Gas Spring Wall Mount Full Motion Monitor Holder Arm for 40-50 inch LCD LED TV, Loading 17.6-35lbs (8-16kgs)(Black)

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1. Ergonomics interactive gas strut TV bracket Installation is a simple process and can be handled by yourself easily. We bring forward you a better and healthier life-style. More and more people with health conscious in mind, intelligent and interactive products are also in highly demand. NB series of ergonomic interactive products will definitely become the choice of your solution.NB Ergonomics interactive gas-strut bracket is made out of AL alloy and high tensile steel materials. Product comes with fine chromed surface appearance. Dust-free, scratches free and rust-free, it is rigid and durable. Built in gas-strut cylinder for different TV sizes within the load range enable user to interact freely for 3 dimensions setting and viewing position.
2. Regardless of your viewing position it can be set statically up-right position within 240mm ( 9.5 inch) distance and Up-front extension from 92mm to 375mm.
3. Tilt angles from 8 degree ~ -7 degree for ultimate viewing .
4. Our NBF series designed and built specially for users to set to the utmost comfortable position which are used in home entertainment, gaming, offices etc.

1. Full motion flexibility with all directional and effortless adjustment without tools used
2. Durable gas-strut cylinder and conical joints constructed for smooth and stable operation
3. Built with ecological interface to enhance your gaming and viewing experience
4. Single-extension, compact and retractable design to save space
5. Integrated cable management conceals inside provides clean neat and clutter-free appearance
6. Strong die cast aluminum alloy construction with chrome shinning finished appearance give you best aesthetics look
7. Fits most 40 inch to 50 inch LED, LCD TVs, support load 17.6 to 35 lbs (8-16 kg)
8. VESA compliant 100*100, 200*100,200*200,400*200,400*400 mm
9. Upright lift distance 9.5 inch (240mm)
10. Swivel angles 180 degree , Tilt angle 8 degree to -7 degree
11. Product produced in anodized black and chrome shinning finished

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