Original Xiaomi Youpin P30 59 Seconds LED Deep Ultraviolet Sterilization Drying Disinfection Bag(Pink)

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1. Built-in a miniature dryer, with high-efficiency LED ultraviolet light, double-click the sterilization button can achieve 65-70 degrees Celsius 1 hour constant temperature drying + sterilization
2. One-key operation, easy to use
3. The upper and lower double-layer deep ultraviolet rays, effective disinfection at 360
4. Masks, mobile phones, glasses, underwear can be put in for sterilization
5. Number of lamp beads: 12 LEDs
6. Rated power: 200W
7. Rated voltage: AC220V 50/60Hz
8. Input interface: AC
9. Dimensions: 245x210x180mm
10. Weight: 840g

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