Outdoor Travel Household Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulation Pot, Capacity: 1L

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Product category:Insulation Cup
1. Insulation performance: 12-24 hours
2. Capacity: 1000 ml
3. Product material: 304 stainless steel, PC plastic, natural rubber
4. Applicable scene: driving out, outdoor type, home, office use
5. Product features: smooth cup mouth, environmentally friendly paint, food grade PP, cup bottom concave anti-skid, food grade lid
6. Insulation and cold preservation function:
74° can be kept for 6 hours, 50° can be kept for 12 hours, and 25° can be kept for 24 hours, 5 ° can keep cold for 6 hours, 9 ° can keep cold for 12 hours, 12 ° can keep cold for 24 hours

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