Oval Radio LED Digital Alarm Clock (Red)

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1. Product model: VST902
2. Product Name: AM / FM Clock Control Radio LED Clock
3. Material: ABS
4. Product size: 17x6x8.5cm
5. Gross weight of product with packaging: 279g
6. Power supply mode: DC output DC 5V
7. Product function: 2 sets of LED alarm clock with AM and FM radio function
8. Product Features: The product is exquisite in shape, easy to use, simple and elegant, suitable for gifts.
9. Note: Product includes adapter

Functional Overview:
1. LED digital clock screen display: time display mode is 24 hours.
2. FM / AM digital frequency display radio:
3. FM frequency range: (64.0-108.0) MHz
4. AM frequency range: (522-1620) KHz
5. The digital volume is 1-16 levels, and the default is 9 levels.
6. Automatic and manual channel search function: It can automatically perform channel selection, manually memorize 10 channels, and manually retrieve stored stations.
7. Time alarm function and support radio alarm / sleep / snooze function, the maximum sleep time is 90 minutes; snooze time is 8 minutes.
8. Two sets of alarm clock functions: two sets of clock control and ordinary alarm sound

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