Portable Germicidal Lamp USB Rechargeable UV Disinfection Lamp Mite Sterilizing UV Lamp Mini Portable UVC Stick

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1. Name:Portable USB UV Germicidal Lamp
2. Voltage:DC5V
3. Wattage:1.5W
4. Material:Plastic
5. Bulb Included:Yes
6. Lighting Source:Disinfection UV LED
7. Battery:18650 lithium battery
8. Plug Type:USB Charging
9. Emitting Color:UV

Feature of Disinfection Lamp Light
1. Size of the lamp is 140*35*25mm, very compact for taking it anywhere
2. The lamp is only 99G, so compact for you, so you can take it in your backpack or pocket
3. The lamp is 18650 battery USB Rechargeable, so you can charge it by many electronic devices
4. Super high quality and long life time
5. The lamp we used high quality material to provide long life time for it
6. Multi-application:It can used at home, office, hotel etc., indoor & outdoor places

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