Portable Household Handheld Sterilizer Germicidal Lamp UV Disinfection Stick

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1. The best sterilization distance: 1-5cm
2. Sterilization time: 30 seconds-3 minutes
3. Duration of use: continuous disinfection for nearly 5 hours
4. Battery capacity: 1800mAh
5. Working voltage / current: USB 5V, 1A
6. USB cable length: 50cm
7. Charging interface: Micro USB
8. Ultraviolet band: 270-280mm
9. Material: ABS environmental protection plastic
10. Lamp life: more than 20000 hours
11. Lamp bead power: 2W
12. Sterilization efficiency: 99.9%
13. Use the UVA chip bow ability to penetrate +UVC disinfection ability. The combination of the two can kill bacteria and viruses in seconds.
14. Size: 357x40x35mm
15. Weight: 134g

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