Portable Retractable Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp Handheld LED Sterilization Disinfection Stick(White)

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1. Size: 40x15x80 (mm)
2. Color box size: 57x110x29 (mm)
3. Product weight (bare host): 55g
4. Product weight (including packaging): 80g
5. Packing: White card color box
6. Battery capacity: polymer 300 mA
7. Details of accessories attached to the product: Host x1, 30cm long USB charging cable x1, Chinese and English manual x1
8. Operating instructions: Power on: Long press for 2 seconds to start the disinfection work, the indicator light will turn on the blue breathing lamp, the disinfection will shut down automatically after 1 minute, and the indicator light will go out; if you need to suspend work, short press the switch
9. Charging reminder: The indicator light will be red when charging, and it will be green when fully charged.

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