Touch Display Temperature Intelligent Thermos Stainless Steel Outdoor USB Rechargeable Portable Cup, Capacity:330ml(White)

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1. Weight: 235g
2. Specifications: size 55×265 mm, cup diameter 37 mm, capacity 330 ml, built-in 240mAh polymer battery, magnetic USB charging cable
3. Material: 314 stainless steel liner, 304 stainless steel body, PP+ silicone lid
4. Style: modern and simple
5. Applicable occasions: home, car, office study, travel and business trips, etc
6. Features: unique shape, beautiful and practical, light and portable, 24-hour insulation and cold lock, waterproof silicone ring sealing and leak-proof, safe and environmentally friendly, comfortable grip, triple water temperature reminder, LED touch display, 2 hours regular drinking water reminder, magnetic suction Charging (remove the waterproof silicone ring at the bottom of the cup cover before charging), the silicone bottom pad is non-slip and anti-bump, durable

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