Wall Sticker LED Wall Clock Decorative Clock Creative Acrylic Mirror Clock US Plug, Style:Remote Version Sealed Box(White Font)

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1. Weight: 910g
2. Dimensions: 44.7×16×2 cm, power cord is 3 meters long
3. Material: plexiglass panel, environmental protection ABS leather pattern backboard
4. Specifications: output voltage DC 5V, input voltage 100-240V, output current 2000MA
5. List: LED stereo clock, remote control, USB power head, manual
5. Functions: time, date, temperature, countdown, countdown, 16 alarm clocks, manual 8-speed brightness adjustment, automatic light adjustment, remote control operation (2 AAA batteries need to be purchased by yourself)
6. Features: beautiful and practical, large size, clear fonts, visible distance up to 50 meters, remote control up to 20 meters, rugged and durable, moisture-proof ventilation, good thermal insulation and flame retardant safety performance, bright and clear without flicker, multiple functions and stable, low failure rate, annual error ≤8 seconds, automatic protection from power failure will not reset the time, energy saving and environmental protection, various uses
7. Suitable places: home, bank, airport, school, hospital, research institute, large conference hall, sports ground, etc

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