YSC-056 Portable UV Light Disinfection Sterilizer Smartphone Underwear Sterilization Cleaning Box (Pink)

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1. Practical in use: The UV disinfection box can kill harmful substances in 6 minutes. The Ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 275 nm is easily absorbed by organisms, thus killing harmful substances by destroying DNA. The UV sterilizer box can kill 99.99% of harmful substances. This UV box is a complete physical process without secondary pollution.
2. Safe to use: Keep the UV box clean and healthy. The UV sterilizer box produces no contaminants or residues, which is safe and eco-friendly disinfection method!
3. Good in Use: The UV box can not only for mobile phones, but also for underwear, socks, baby toys, forks, knives, watches, glasses, toothbrushes, jewelry, keys, Bluetooth headsets and other small items.
4. Easy in use: The UV box features the strong ultraviolet radiation sterilization method, wireless health sterilization. And the UV box features the LED indicator, which is easy to use.
5. Convenient in Use: The UV box comes with universal USB charging, which is perfectly compatible with all devices with USB ports on the market. The built-in battery makes it ready for use.
6. Size: Phone sterilizer box: 20.9x10.6x3.5cm, sterilizer hood: 30x20.9x10.6cm

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