0.5W Portable Flexible Mini Clip Reading Lamp(White)

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  • Light Source:LED Bulbs
  • Model Number:Reading Light
Light Source: LED
Lamp Shade Material: Plastic
Voltage: 4.5V/0.5W
Battery:3 x AAA Batteries s (not included)
Color: Black / White
Clip thickness range: 7-14mm
Brightness gear: two brightness (low light, strong light)
Size: 45x45x300mm

Compact, powerful clip-on light for your Kindle
Fully adjustable arm allows the light to be positioned in almost any angle. Slim design for easy storing and carrying.
Three "Super LEDs" give off a warm reading light (as bright as six regular LEDs). Two brightness settings for your convenience.
Lamp head designed to tuck into the clip for easy storing and carrying. Ultra-wide clip provides a strong, secure grip.
Designed to attach, works with covers and stands.
Easy to use and Clip on

Package Included:
1x Clip-on Reading Light (EBook reading devices are NOT included)

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