115Plus 0.96 inches OLED Color Screen Smart Bracelet,Support Call Reminder /Heart Rate Monitoring /Blood Pressure Monitoring /Sleep Monitoring /Sedentary Remind(Red)

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1. Bluetooth version: 4.0.
2. Power consumption: one week of normal use, three months of standby.
3. The strap is detachable and the strap can be changed.
4. Key features: Heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring.
5. Adopt USB direct charge design, eliminating the trouble of charging cable, fast and convenient.
6. Support models: iphone4S/5/5C/5S/6/6P/6S/6SP, IOS6.1 and above.
7. Other functions: sedentary reminder, remote self-timer, intelligent anti-lost, raised hand bright screen, find bracelet, smart alarm clock, step counter, ranging, calorie consumption management, sleep management, time and date battery display, Bluetooth connection display .

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