12V SAE Car Power Cord Cigarette Lighter Plug to Solar Battery Charging Connecting Cable, Length: 1.5m

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1. Voltage: 12V
2. Current: 10A
3. Specifications: 2mm
4. Material: PC + metal
5. Line length: 1.5m
6. The SAE connecting wire is made of wire 16, heavy, heavy and durable
7. Use the LED indicator to indicate if you are powered on and avoid multiple operations.
8. Easy to use: This sae extension cable comes with a standard Sae connector that provides an extra convenient connection for the battery charger. Simply plug it directly into a 12V voltage or 24V female socket and plug the other end into the battery charger output sae connector
9. Safety: Built-in 10A fuse for overload and short circuit protection. Protect both plugs from damage due to high currents and short circuits

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