12V US Plug Trailer RV Connector 7 Way Flat Blade to 4 Way Pin Adapter with Dust Cover

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1. Product material: nylon, copper
2. Product attributes: plug
3. Output voltage: 12V
4. Product core number: 7 cores to 4 cores
5. Product features: durable, dustproof, waterproof, plug and play connection. No splicing is required, and the installation is simple and convenient.
6. Product application: commercial vehicles / trailers / rvs / trucks / trucks / semi-trailers / sedans / ships, etc.
7. Product function: Convert 7-pin connector to 4-pin connector, connect the truck and power supply, and have a dust cover to prevent the product from being damaged by rain and dust when the product is not used for a long time.
8. Precautions: Please align the jack during installation and insert it to ensure a smooth installation.
9. Applicable cars: for Chevrolet / Ford / Dodge / RAM / Toyota or GMC, any OEM 7-pin plug used in conjunction

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