150Mbps ×2 Wireless-N Broadband Router with 4 Ports Switch, Support Two Antennas, Sign Random Delivery(Black)

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1. 1 x antennas: data rate up to 150Mbps, 2 x antennas: date rate up to 300Mbps
2. Complies with IEE 802.11b/g/n Wireless standards.
3. 4 x Fast Ethernet port for LAN with MDI-X function
4. 1 x WAN port for ADSL/Cable Modem with Auto MDI-X function
5. IEEE 802.11 b/g/n infrastructure operating modes
6. Dynamic data rate scaling at 11,5.5,2 and 1 Mbps for 802.11b mode
7. Dynamic data rate scaling at 54,88,36,24,18,12 and 6 Mbps for 802.11n mode
8. Dynamic data rate scaling at 300,150,135,54,48,36,24,18,12 and 6 Mbps for 802.11n mode
9. Allow auto fallback data rate for optimized reliability, throughput and transmission range
10. Support wireless data encryption with 64/128-bit WEP standard for security
11. Support enhance security for WPA-PSK,WPA2-PSK,WPA and WPA2
12. Web-based configuration tools and management via WEB browser
13. Support PPPoE/PPTP/L2TP protocol for ADSL
14. Support NAT for share 1 IP address to all LAN user
15. Support DHCP server/Client
16. Support firewall protection, virtual server mapping, special application seating
17. Support UPnP
18. Support statistics information

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