189 T Style USB Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer Light Fly Killer Insect Repellent(White)

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1. Using mosquito-loving 368mm UV light, 360 degree illumination, photocatalytic reaction with photocatalyst, releasing carbon dioxide and airflow, simulating the moisture of carbon dioxide emitted by human body, attracting mosquitoes and flies in any direction.
2. The fan is highly agitated to create eddy currents around the air, so that mosquitoes that are used to flying with the airflow are sucked into the bottom mosquito tray by strong eddy currents, causing them to dehydrate and dry to die.
3. The grille anti-mosquito escape device ensures that the caught mosquitoes cannot escape.
4. Low decibels, enjoy a quiet, mosquito-free environment.
6. Rotate counterclockwise to remove the mosquito tray downwards, wash with water, and wipe with a dry cloth after cleaning.
7. USB interface, providing more charging methods, such as: mobile phone charging head, laptop, removable power supply, etc.
8. Low voltage safety, energy saving and power saving.
9. High mosquito catching rate, safe and healthy.

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