2 in 1 1m USB to 8 Pin Data Cable + 30W QC 3.0 4 USB Interfaces Mobile Phone Tablet PC Universal Quick Charger Travel Charger Set, US Plug(Black)

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1. The charger uses fireproof PC material, high temperature resistance, good quality
2. Multi-functional design, including a USB of QC 3.0 version, the charging range is wider
3. The total output current is 6A, which can intelligently charge electronic products quickly
4. Support four devices to charge at the same time
5. Applicable to all mobile phones, tablets, cameras, MP3, MP4, PSP and other digital products

Charger parameters:
1. Power: 30W
2. Input voltage: AC 100-240V; 50/60Hz
3. Total output: 6A
4. QC 3.0 interface output: DC 5V/3A; DC 9V/2.4A; DC 12V/1.5A
5. 3 USB 2.0 interface outputs: 5V 2.4A

8 Pin data cable parameters:
1. Support 3A fast charge
2. Support 480Mbps data transmission
3. Cable length: 1m

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