2 Sets Home DIY 3D Stereo Decorative Fashion Coffee Wall Clock Acrylic Mirror Wall Sticker Coffee Clock(Deep Gold)

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1. Product Category: wall clock
2. Style: simple and stylish
3. Applicable places: study, office, bedroom, living room, etc.
4. Display type: pointer number
5. Power type: ordinary AA carbon battery (not included)
6. Material: acrylic (specially processed), fully silent movement
7. Uses: innovative products for wall decoration in multiple places. Install it to make the space more vivid and beautiful.
8. Product features: Random combination installation, it can maintain beautiful colors for a long time, high viscosity, not easy to fall off, so that the walls are rich in color! It is the ideal DIY beautification decoration products, beautiful and durable!
9. Product accessories: dial hour and minute hands, positioning paper, user manuals, tape.
10. Packaging: OPP bag
11. Single set of product weight / size: about 78g / 40.6x30cm
12. Product color: red, black, mirror silver, mirror deep gold, mirror light gold

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