2 Sets HPPE Anti-cut and Anti-puncture Arm Cuff, Length: 35cm


CHF 17.05
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1. Material: HPPE (High Strength Polyethylene) + Nylon + Spandex
2. Craftsmanship: The glove armguard feels cool, comfortable to wear, non-disposable gloves, easy to clean
3. Product introduction: The single-layer sleeve has a total length of 36 cm and is made of PE. It can provide cut resistance. The flexible and comfortable sleeve can protect the forearm from mild burns and high temperatures.
4. Security level: anti-cut 5
5. Features: Made of cut-resistant fiber, with thumb joint; can increase the protection of the arm; can protect the forearm from the danger of high temperature, burning and cutting;
6. Scope of application: durable goods, automotive industry, metal stamping, glass, porcelain industry

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