200ML Magic Projection Anion Air Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Air Purifier with 7 Color Lights(Pink)

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1. Small portable humidifier is much easy to carry, rotating casually for any angle of humidifying, light projecting.
2. Innovative rack for 360 degree rotation, enable to spray upwards downwards, any angle as you like.
3. Colorful lights make magic shadow projection, you could choose the lighting jumping or stationary. The projection area is broad and clear, making magic space.
4. Small cool mist humidifier is much quiet without noises. The soft night light surely makes you a perfect sleep. Press the button once for color lights jumping, press the button second you get color lights solid.

1. Material: ABS+PP+PE+silicone+Electrical parts
2. Working Voltage: DC5V
3. Working Current: 200mA-450mA
4. Battery capacity: 500mAh
5. Power Usage: 3.5W
6. Capacity: 200ML
7. Spray: 40ml/H
8. Size: 213x70x66mm
9. Weight: 140g

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