220ml Aroma Humidifier Cute Penguin USB Air Diffuser Home Office Car Mist Maker Air Purifier(Blue)

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1. The water level is clearly visible from the outside to monitor how much is left.
2. Quiet and continuously operation will not interfere with Your Work, sleep & drive.
3. Diffuse mist throughout your living space & enhance the moisture of the skin space.
4. 7 color changing lamps for your choice, you can choose color between two modes: steady on, changing color.

1. Material: ABS+Electronic component
2. Size: 99 x 85 x 108mm
3. Working voltage: DC5V
4. Working current: 1000mA
5. Power: 1.5-2.5W
6. Water storage capacity: 220ml
7. Humidification: 25-35ml/H
8. Spray time: 4 hours at regular intervals

Function key operating instructions:
1. Mist: click the function key, continuous spray; click again, intervalsprayinig, spray 3s stop 3s. click again to turn off the spray.
2. Night light: Start use, press the function key for 2s, turn on the night light mode, seven colors lights changing, then press and hold for 2s, the light is fixed, press again for 2s to turn off the night light mode.

Packing List:
1. 1 x Humidifier
2. 1 x USB charging cable
3. 1 x Cotton swab

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