220V 15W E12 Cottage Original Wood Led Table Lamp for Coffee Bar Restaurant Bedroom Decor Night Light

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Item Type:Table Lamps
Light Source:LED Light Bulb
application:living room, bedroom, restaurant, bar
1. Craftsmanship, handmade.
2. Pastoral style wooden table lamp, warm and romantic.
3. Control the lamp head switch for a wide range of lighting, and create an atmosphere with reading.
4. Easy to open light, soft lighting.
5. Voltage: 220V.
6. Power: 15W.
7. Switch: Push button switch.
8. Wire: about 1 meter long, plugged in.
9. Light: Warm yellow light.
Note: Each bulb is equipped with a tungsten filament bulb (you can replace the LED/E12 screw by yourself). The bulb is a gift and is easy to wear out, and it will not be replaced.

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