220V 40W E27 Natural Bamboo Wood Lighthouse Desk Lamp Hand Painted Bedroom Study Home Decoration(Boy)

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Item Type:Table Lamps
Body Material:ABS,Wood
Application:Bed Room
Model Number:Table Lamp
1. Mediterranean lighthouse lamp for men and women.
2. The material lamp holder and doll are resin, the lighthouse is wood, the lampshade is PVC, and there is a wrought iron bracket.
3. The overall height of the table lamp is 35CM, the diameter of the lower part of the lampshade is 20cm, the diameter of the upper mouth is 9.5cm, the height is 13cm, the wooden part of the lighthouse is 22cm, the base is 13*9cm.
With rotary switch, brightness can be adjusted directly
Environmental protection and electricity saving.
4. Spiral switch, switch, can adjust the light and shade, suitable for E27 incandescent lamp and energy saving lamp.
5. There is no light source in the original package of the lamp. In order to facilitate the buyer, I will give one Foshan Lighting 40W bulb to each lamp. The light bulb is fragile.
If there is damage in the loss or the filament is broken, it will not be reissued. Please understand!
6. It is normal for the bulb to generate heat during use.

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