220V CN Plug Animals Bed Heater Mat Heating Pad Winter Warmer Carpet Plush Electric Blanket Seat Heating Pad, Size:45x45cm(Color Radom Delivery)


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Electric Heater Type:Aluminum Sheet Radiating
Use:Bedroom, Pet Bad, Car
Function:Adjustable Thermostat
Function:Overheat Protection
Heating Element:Metal heating sheet
1. Electric blanket fabric: non-woven fabrics
2. Power supply: AC
3. Rated voltage: 220V
4. Rated power: 22W
5. Switch type: three-speed thermostat switch
6. Pattern: Flowers
7. Switch Type: single-control switch
8. Electrical strength: 3750 / min
9. Temperature range:35-45℃
10. Size: 45 x 45 cm

1. Very soft,is very suitable for injection
2. can relieve physical pressure,
3. improve sleep quality, sleep well, natural spirit

1. According to the indoor temperature and the use of electric heat pad I heat sensitivity,
2. Appropriate mediation switch.
3. It is strictly forbidden to use cotton mattress on top of electric heating pad.
4. When power is applied, the switch should be exposed to the convenient position.
5. High-temperature continuous power must not exceed 12 hours.
6. When not in use, the thermostat switch to "off" position, the power indicator light off, unplug the plug

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