240ML Milk Feeding Bottle Shape Aromatherapy Air Purifier Humidifier with LED Light for Home / Office / Car(Blue)

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1. Built-in LED light can decorate dark night. A good decoration for your room or office desk.
2. Made by ABS+PP+PET+silicone material, more portable to use, designed with an exquisite milk feeding bottle shape, looked more elegant and natural.
3. It can increase humidity of air, reducing dust and bacteria.
4. you can add your own favorite and personalized natural essential oil into the water to produce natural for aroma so as to make the purified air wet, fragrant, refreshing and clean, to enjoy the SPA, relax yourself.
5. Low power consumption.
6. Great for Bedroom, Study, office, living room, bathroom, yoga room, SPA hall, fitness room, foot hall, conference rooms, hotels, guesthouses, etc.

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