3.2W USB LED Eye-Protection Folding Clip Table Lamp Dimmable Bendable Reading Study Desk Lamp with Clip Stand

IFIREArtikelnummer-Lagerplatz | TBD0027760

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Main Features:
1. ABS, environmentally friendly silicone, metal elbow material, durable and practical
2. Imported LED eye-protection lamp bead
High brightness, high display index, anti-blue light technology
3. Plug and play
4. Goose tube light pole, feel comfortable, free to adjust the light angle, easy to use
5. Clip design, clip design, you can clip it to a desk, bookshelf or other places, it is very convenient.
6. USB interface compatible with most device USB interfaces
7. Widely application suitable for office, bedroom, study room and so on.
8. Power: 3.2W
9. Voltage: 5V

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