3 in 1 5W USB Household Mute Desktop Air Humidifier Automatic Alcohol Sprayer with Colorful Atmosphere Lights + USB Night Light + USB Fan Set, Capacity: 200mL(Pink)

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1. Moist the environment and enjoy healthy air.
2. Fine spray, not wet the table.
3. 200mL water tank capacity, add water once, lasting moisturizing.
4. Soothe skin and dry skin when using air conditioner to keep your skin alive.
5. No noise, no disturbing your sleep.
6. Colorful atmosphere lights give you a warm and comfortable feeling of tranquility.
7. USB interface, providing a variety of power supply methods, such as adapters, charging treasures, computers, mobile phones, cars and so on.
8. The mini is compact and easy to carry, and can be put into the pocket and bag.
9. Plug in USB night light or USB mini fan.

Product specifications:
1. Working voltage: 5V.
2. Working current: 300mA.
3. Power consumption: 5W.
4. Water tank capacity: 200mL.
5. Weight: 112g.
6. Size: 116x74x74mm.
7. Material: ABS.

Packing list:
Humidifier x 1
USB night light x 1
USB small fan x 1

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