3 In 1 Car USB Charger Car Cigarette Lighter With Voltage Detection Display Multi-function Monitoring Table(Red Green)

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1. Multi-function car LCD digital display
2. With car charger, and can real-time monitor temperature and car voltage
3. To ensure the safety of your car
4. Easy to install,no needed the professional skill
5. A special car thermometer with stylish and lightweight design
6. Provide extremely convenience
7. Digital thermometer suitable for 12V/24V battery measuring range: -9~80 degree Celsius
8. Simply plug into charger socket, instant confirmation of battery voltage, low power consumption high light display.
9. Specifications:
Material: ABS + Electronic Components
Product Color: Black
LCD indicator color: blue & red, green & red, red
Product size: 76*47mm
Model: VST-706
Voltage: 12/24V
USB output: 5V 2.1A
Display: Digital display
Display Type:
Temperature Display
Voltage Display

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