3 in 1 Multi-function USB Charge Mushroom Shape Electric Aroma Essential Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Cool Mist Humidifier with Extended USB Port(Coffee)

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1. This product is the combination of a desk lamp, a humidifier and a usb mini fan, it can provide suitable lighting as well as keep the room not be so dry when you working or reading.
2. Ultrasonic Atmization Technology: The air purifier was used in ultrasonic atmization technology, it always keep silent during the humidification process, moreover, it can produce more and more delicate drops.
3.Travel essentials: mini size makes it easy to carry. It can save so much space for your bag.
4.A beautiful Gift: It can be a birthday present because of cute mini mushroom appearance and it''s also a night light that can emit beautiful light.

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