3 PCS Cartoon Mini Transparent Hand Warmer Bag Hot Water Bottles Injection Storage Bag(Watermelon)


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1. Hot-water bottle can warm hands, waist or stomach.
2. Made of high-quality PVC materials, it is anti-pressure and anti-stretching with high explosion grade.
3. It is thermal-insulation and heat retaining, giving you a comfortable hand feeling.
4. It is sealing, leak-proof, warm and close.
5. Size: 18.5 x 10.5cm

1. Two thirds of capacity is appropriate for water injection.
2. Squeeze the excess air of the bag after filling the water and screw down the lid.
3. In order to ensure safety, please turn the hot water bottle upside down and check for water leakage.
4. Temperature should not exceed 80 degrees to avoid scalding.

Packing list:
Hot-water bag x 3

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