350ml Fashion Leisure Travel Twist Cup Personality Leakproof Frosted Handy Cup Beverage Cup

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1.Features: creative and portable cup with great personality, popular with the beautiful modeling and large capacity; imported environmentally friendly food grade material for non-toxic and tasteless safty of drinking water; precision leakproof design, non-slip rubber handle and pure color design.
2.Occasions: perfect size for your gym bag, car, bicycle and backpack to enjoy your long hikes, sports, work, beach, school, office, picnic, hiking, camping, cycling,road trips, eat lunch out, on the road for soup, traveling, trip, driving, mountaineering, backpacking, hot yoga, gym, fitness.It also can be a sweet and love gift for your family, lover and friends.
3.Lightweight and durable, easy to wash and clean, not easy to residual stains. The most popular,current and fashionable colors is for you. A slight sparkle brings all of these colors to life!

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