3W Creative Dimmable Double-head Clip Design LED Table Lamp, Color:Small Head Purple Light + Big Head White Light

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Item Type:Desk Lamps
Power Source:Rechargeable Battery
Is Bulbs Included:Yes
Switch Type:Push Button Switch
Body Material:Aluminum
Light Source:LED
Feature:LED double-head clip table lamp
1. Voltage: DC3-5V / AC220V
2. Current: 350MA
3. Power: 3W
4. Large hose: 36cm
5. Small hose: 33cm
6. Maximum number of clips: 6cm
7. Packaging accessories details: 1 * lights
8. Power: USB plug
9. Adjustable brightness: Yes
10. Scope: makeup eyebrows

1. The remote control switch has 4 buttons to control the brightness of the lamp and switch the two lamps.
2. Dim Key: Short presses reduce brightness by 10%.
3. Power button: Short press to turn on/off the light, long press to enter the delay mode, long press 0.5 seconds, delay 60 seconds.
4. Lamp switch button: Press this button to switch the lamp, and press the two lamps for the second time.
5. Bright keys: Short keys increase light levels by 10%.

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