3W Cubic Non-radiative Silent Ultrasonic Desktop Air Humidifier Automatic Alcohol Sprayer with Colorful Breathing Lights, Capacity: 1000mL(Black)

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1. Ultrasonic vibration, atomize liquid water into micron-sized water particles, and the water mist molecules reach the basal layer, leaving the skin no longer tight.
2. 1000mL water tank capacity, no need to add water frequently, can be used for 24 hours, the amount of water can be displayed.
3. Mother-infant level mute humidification, does not affect sleep of your baby.
4. 9 hours automatic timing, intelligent and safe power off, always protect your safety and health.
5. Colorful breathing atmosphere lights, comfortable sleep.
6. One-button operation, easy to understand.
7. Suitable for 30-40 square meters of space, to meet the humidification needs of the general living room and bedroom.
8. Suitable for multiple scenarios, such as office, air-conditioned room, heating room, etc.

For the first time, put the water absorption rod into the water for 3-5 minutes, then let the water absorption rod completely penetrate the water and put it into use.

Product specifications:
1. Capacity: 1000mL.
2. Power type: DC power supply.
3. Humidification amount: 50 mL/h.
4. Applicable area: 30-40 square meters.
5. Noise level: 20dB-40dB.
6. Applicable water quality: pure water.
7. Product size: 103x103x218mm.
8. Power supply voltage: DC 5V.
9. Applicable power: 3W.
10. Product Category: Direct Evaporation.

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