4W USB Charging Night Luminescent Pearl Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Humidifier with LED Colorful Light for Home / Office, Water Tank Capacity: 95ml, DC 5V

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1. Even it is a faint light, we will scatter it to life that needs warmth.
2. Embracing the fragrance enjoying the quiet.
3. Spreading essential oils to the edges evenly and each pore can feel moisture and freshness.
4. Enjoying aromatherapy SPA to reducing stress to improve sleep quality.
5. Using electronic high frequency oscillation to scatter liquid water molecule and create a natural and ethereal water mist.
6. Adopting LED as light source with cozy warm light which is a comfortable and good companion and can be opened independently.
1. The working time shall be within four point five hours.
2. It should be noted that the concentration of spray is normal if slightly different.
3. Different types of water, humidity, temperature and wind direction will have an impact on it.
4. Products are prohibited from being used in the absence of water.
5. It is only applicable to 100% natural pure essential oils if essential oils contain chemical fragrances flavors or impurities, it is suggested that two or three drops can be used, otherwise too many essential oils will damage the product system, the mist effect of night luminescent.

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